Critical Role of Temperature Control Systems-Coolant Expansion tank
Coolant Expansion tank, also known as a Auxiliary tank, primarily fun ctions to assist in regulating the coolant system through the princip le of thermal expansion and contraction. When the pressure in the coo ling system increases, the expansion tank absorbs excess coolant. Con versely, when the pressure decreases, coolant from the expansion ...
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Exploring the Vanguard of the Future Automotive Industry: Taipei AMPA Exhibition
In the thriving automotive industry, Taiwan has long been a vital pro duction hub for high-quality automotive components. The Taipei Intern ational Auto Parts & Accessories Show (AMPA), an emblem of Taiwan 's automotive sector, stands as one of the world's top four a nd Asia's second-largest international B2B automotive parts e ...
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New Product - Clutch Slave Cylinder
Hydraulic clutches for manual transmissions use brake fluid to supply pressure to disengage the clutch from the engine. Pushing in the clu tch pedal makes fluid flow from a master cylinder (or fluid reservoir ) to the slave cylinder, which moves the pressure plate, allowing the driver to shift gears. Seals and hoses can leak, and if enough f ...
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