New Product - Radiator
A car radiator is a heat exchanger that’s used to lower the tem perature of coolant/antifreeze in the engine. Radiators contain narro w tubes that are designed to disperse heat rapidly, helping to mainta in the correct operating temperature of the engine. ...
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New Product - Auxiliary Tank
An auxiliary tank (expansion tank) is one part of a complex overall c ar cooling system that’s designed to keep the engine operating at exactly the right temperature. In the sealed cooling system that’s present on most cars, it is partially filled with air. ...
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New Product - Engine Mount
An engine mount is the part that holds the engine in your car. In mos t cars, an engine and transmission are bolted together and held in pl ace by three or four mounts. The mount that holds the transmission is called the transmission mount, others are referred to as engine moun ts. ...
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