New Product - Piston And Liner

A piston is a disc or short cylinder fitting closely within an engine cylinder in which it moves up and down against a liquid or gas, used in an internal combustion engine to derive motion, or in a pump to impart motion.


Engine components need to be hardwearing for longevity and lightweight to improve efficiency.

As a result, pistons are usually made from an aluminum alloy but the piston rings (usually comprising, from top to bottom, a compression ring, a wiper ring, and an oil ring) are made from cast iron or steel.

The oil ring wipes oil from the cylinder wall when the piston is moving but over time it and the other rings can wear, allowing oil from the crankcase to move into the combustion chamber.

Excessive oil consumption and white smoke from the exhaust tailpipes indicate piston ring wear.

Internal combustion engines can operate with a single cylinder – and therefore one piston (motorbikes and petrol lawnmowers) or as many as 12, but most automobiles have four or six.


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