New Product - Radiator

A car radiator is a heat exchanger that’s used to lower the temperature of coolant/antifreeze in the engine. Radiators contain narrow tubes that are designed to disperse heat rapidly, helping to maintain the correct operating temperature of the engine.

  • Radiators make up the main part of a vehicle’s cooling system.
  • They’re placed at the front of the engine where they’re fed by a flow of air, which helps with the cooling process.
  • Radiators receive a continuous flow of coolant/antifreeze, which passes through the engine bay to keep moving parts working at the right temperature.


To avoid costly repairs, car owners should be aware of the signs of radiator failure. Symptoms include:

  • An unusual rise and fall in the instrument cluster temperature gauge
  • The sight or smell of smoke coming from under the hood of the car
  • Any amount of green liquid (coolant or antifreeze) collecting under the vehicle
  • Visual evidence of rust on the components of the cooling system 

A professional mechanic should examine the cooling system and radiator if any of these symptoms become apparent.


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