New Product - Fan Blade

With the design and layout of the automobile cooling system, all heat absorbs from the engine are stored in the radiator, where the cooling fan blows the heat away. The cooling fan is also known as a radiator fan because it’s mounted directly to the radiator in some engine layout. Typically, the fan is positioned between the radiator and engine as it draws heat to the atmosphere.


Below are the major functions of radiator cooling fan:

  • The primary function of a radiator cooling fan is to take away excessive heat absorbed from the engine. The coolant absorbs the heat and goes into the radiator where the heat is blown away.
  • The system is functional when the engine is stationary, where air can’t move through the grille.
  • Cooling fans help to obtain external airflow when moving too slow.
  • Electric cooling fans control the temperature of the vehicle as it turns on and off based on the engine temperature.


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