New Product - Flywheel

A flywheel is a heavy disc attached to the end of a rotating shaft that helps smooth out the engine’s power pulses and store energy through rotational momentum.

what does the flywheel do? It actually has a few different purposes:

  • The flywheel provides mass for rotational inertia to keep your car’s engine running. Otherwise, the engine will stall when you let your foot off the accelerator.
  • It balances the engine. A flywheel is specifically weighted to the car’s crankshaft to smooth out the rough feeling caused by even a slight imbalance.
  • It allows for an electric starter. The starter motor engages the starter ring on the edge of the flywheel to begin engine rotation.
  • Most importantly for drivers, the flywheel connects the engine with the transmission via a clutch to transfer power to the wheels.


If you need to confirm the specifications, welcome to inquire or view the catalog.